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    Updated on Oct 27, 2019. Posted on Oct 25, 2019

    15 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Cats Are Actually Humans In Disguise

    Cats are evolving and will take over the world soon.

    1. This cat who well full bipedal:

    I’m pet sitting. This is my friends cat checking me out for the first time

    2. This cat who defined the phrase "cat nap":

    I swear to God my friend’s pet is actually a human in a cat form

    3. This cat who was bothered for absolutely no reason:

    4. This cat who is better at handshakes than I am:

    Watch this cool cat's secret handshake with owner!

    5. This cat who knew the importance of wiping:

    y’all my boujee ass cat pissed in the toilet then proceeds to grab for toilet paper lmao goodnight

    6. These cats who deserve an Oscar for this DRAMA:


    7. This cat who must have been watching something juicy:

    So I walk into the room to find my cat sitting on the bed watching tv by himself😂😂

    8. This cat who learned a new skill and got a new bed in return:

    My cat taught herself how to climb ladders like a human so she could get onto my loft bed easier

    9. This cat who took the call:

    10. This cat who took in the beautiful view like any of us would:

    Guys I just found out that super chill cat was from a neighborhood in Istanbul and when she passed away in 2015 the residents missed her so much they made a statue of her sitting in the same spot and I am now dead my ghost is typing this

    11. This cat who knew just how pretty they looked:

    Can cats pass the mirror self-recognition test? Psychologists (myself included): Probably not. Internet: Not so fast...

    12. This cat who was shocked to say the least:

    this is a cat finding out she is pregnant

    13. This cat who was just minding their business:


    14. This cat who knew what they were doing:

    merry Christmas here's my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no

    15. And finally, this cat who's way more fashionable than any of us:

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