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    15 Pets Who Replaced Their Owner With Their Owner's Boyfriend Instead

    There's no competing with these adorable faces.

    1. This dog who was caught red-handed:

    u/gingerroot94 / Via

    2. This cat who doesn't want you interfering:

    My cat loves my boyfriend more than me and when he hugs her she looks at me like she’s stole my man and she knows it

    3. This dog who got the best seat and hand in the car:

    u/beingjac / Via

    4. This cat who's got nothing but love in those eyes:

    u/ShadeeLeeann / Via

    5. This dog who didn't just make space, they demanded it:

    u/HellaClassy / Via

    6. This dog who found true comfort:

    u/amanireece44 / Via

    7. This cat who just wanted the love of their life to pay attention to them:

    u/Stormster / Via

    8. This cat who doesn't care what you think:


    9. This dog who wants ALL the cuddles:

    @SchulteAbby Mine cuddle daily (my boxer is a boy too) lol

    10. This dog who learned how to wink just for this moment:

    11. This cat who knows what true love feels like now:

    u/Donateblood0001 / Via

    12. This dog who was just taking in this moment:

    u/Katiemariejkl / Via

    13. This cat who deserves it all:

    u/sarahnourie / Via

    14. This dog who didn't care about the literal human who was still home with him:

    u/Ladyoflions / Via

    15. This cat who was selfie ready:

    u/kwpotato / Via

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