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16 Pets Who Refused To Spend Another Day Without Their Parents

Give these pets everything they want!

1. This cat that kept her parent in bed with cuddles:

u/FatCat45 / Via

2. This dog who refused to be moved:

u/dsherman8r / Via

3. This cat who blocked the door the only way they knew how:

u/FPierce / Via

4. This dog that defined "puppy dog eyes":

u/kittenkaboodle17 / Via

5. This cat who refused to go down without a fight:

6. This dog who wasn't taking any chances:

u/hayfab / Via

7. This cat who was ready for a day at work:

u/Szpartan / Via

8. This dog who took on a different, but effective approach to get their parent to stay:

u/kornoholic13 / Via

9. This cat who used their cuteness to their advantage:

u/TrentRizzo / Via

10. This pup who just wanted a little more time with their bud:


11. This cat who is now the proud owner of these shoes:

My cat sits on my shoes when he doesn’t want me to leave

12. This dog who was willing to risk it all for the greater good:

u/Fragabond / Via

13. This cat who had an entire dramatic monologue planned:

u/stace_whit / Via

14. This dog who made sure their owner knew exactly what they were missing:

every time i leave for work i look up, see him, and then cry

15. This cat who took their parent's bike hostage:

u/bootsycline / Via

16. And finally, this dog who obviously deserved to go wherever their owner was going:

u/brianacai / Via