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    17 Cats That Love Christmas Trees More Than Life Itself

    I want someone to look at me the way these cats look at these lights.

    1. This cat that has inexplicable wonder in their eyes:

    2. This cat that is deeply in love:

    3. This cat that never takes the holiday season for granted:

    4. This cat that is literally saying, "Wooooooow":

    5. This cat that couldn't believe their eyes:

    6. This cat that went in for a little boop:

    7. That cat that just discovered how magical this time of year is:

    8. This cat that is literally smiling at the tree:

    9. This cat that looks a bit skeptical:

    10. This cat that is two seconds away from making the ornaments her new toys:

    11. This cat that has about a billion questions:

    12. This cat that's ready to topple it all down:

    13. This cat that doesn't even know how to act:

    14. This cat that's now in a staring contest:

    15. This cat that may as well have seen an alien:

    16. This cat that claimed what's hers:

    17. And finally, this cat that was spellbound: