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    18 Photos Of Cats Before And After Their Rescue That Prove Adoption Is Key

    Will you be a shelter cat's next hero?

    Disclaimer: The "before" photos show these cats at a tough time in their lives (which is tough to see), but you can rest easy knowing that these kitties were adopted and are now living happy, healthy lives.

    1. This cat who developed an adorable habit:

    u/snerdie / Via

    2. This kitten who found a new home that isn't quite as dangerous:

    u/succ_my_dicc / Via

    3. This cat who loves a party:

    u/GrilledBeesSandwich / Via

    4. This cat who is now a total royal:

    u/Sn0wb0und / Via

    5. This cat who left his plastic container for a better life:

    u/fictionnation / Via

    6. This kitty who proves that adopting older kitties is 100% worth it:

    u/BurntAshBowl / Via

    7. This cat who beat the odds:

    u/sunshine1099 / Via

    8. This cat who said, "You don't know me, I love cuddling":

    u/freezedriedstawberry / Via

    9. This cat who just needed some love before their floof could fully grow out:

    u/alinaesther / Via

    10. This cat who is now able to be the full Wilford Brimley he was born to be:

    u/TheFunkyMonk / Via

    11. This cat who thankfully got the help he needed:

    What a transformation! 🤯 Cricket had a rough start in life, abandoned and so malnourished that his legs had become bowed. Thanks to our expert team and the kind family who adopted him, he's unrecognisable from the poorly kitten who came to Battersea last year. #MondayMotivation

    12. This cute cat who said, "You won't be getting rid of me that easy":

    u/Jombo65 / Via

    13. These two cats who poofed out 100x over:

    u/Mermaid_Mama323 / Via

    14. This cat whose beautiful black fur is now able to shine to the best of its ability:

    u/chickinkyiv / Via

    15. This cat who proved one of his owners wrong:

    u/cu_alt / Via

    16. This cat who was abandoned twice, but now only knows a life filled with love:

    u/BenBenCatCat / Via

    17. This pair of brothers who will never leave each other's side:

    u/ad0460 / Via

    18. And finally, this kitten who now has all the warmth and cuddles in the world:

    If you'd like to give a cat a new life like these wonderful people did, find one on Petfinder, Adopt a Pet, or at your local shelter.

    H/T: r/BeforeNAfterAdoption

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