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15 Cats Who Tried Their Very Best To Hide From The Vet With Zero Luck

Apparently if you stand real still, you become invisible.

1. This cat who disappeared flawlessly:

u/Cavalier4Beer / Via

2. This cat who reached new heights:

u/MeagaMillion / Via

3. This cat who was ready for battle:

u/IntrinsicGray / Via

4. This cat who saw an opportunity and took it:

u/catsbuttscats / Via

5. This cat who became a jar:

u/JunkyardJamboree / Via

6. This cat who would rather be wet than get seen by the vet:

u/VoxDolorum / Via

7. And this cat who knows they were betrayed:

u/sallylooksfat / Via

8. This cat who blended right in:

u/boredgeorge / Via

9. This cat who refused to be deterred:

u/YoBooMaFoo / Via

10. This cat who became one with the wall:

u/magicman21 / Via

11. This cat who took on a new identity as a stack of papers:

u/TeisTom / Via

12. This cat who found a good corner:

u/Misaniovent / Via

13. This cat who wanted to cuddle:

u/cellorevolution / Via

14. This cat who wished they were still a kitten:

u/Searingm1 / Via

15. And finally, this cat who at least gave it their best shot:

u/katarokkar / Via

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