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    16 Cats And Dogs Who Are Sick Of Their Owners Being Home All The Time

    "You're STILL here?!" —Every pet

    1. This cat who is saying, "Please, save me":

    2. This dog who made his anger known loud and clear:

    I think my dog is already tired of me being home all day.

    3. This cat who just wants to be reckless again:

    This cat said, “ This quarantine shit ain’t cute, y’all being here during the day is fucking up my routine!”

    4. And this dog who wishes for the same:

    Quarantine diary, day 8: the dog has forgotten that I’m home and can see him

    5. This cat who didn't sign up to be in The Lion King:

    I don’t think my cats are enjoying are Quarantine antics... #QuarantineCats

    6. This dog who appeared in the live-action version of Up:

    Do you believe your eyes? #flyingdog #dog #pilotpete #pilotpeter

    7. This cat who is plotting a murder:

    WFH day 4: the cat is planning my downfall

    8. This dog who had hoped Halloween wouldn't come early:

    9. This cat who wanted to lick themself in peace:

    Day 8 quarantine: annoying the fuck out of my cat

    10. This dog who wishes you could understand them:

    You’ve been fucking home for seventeen days straight Karen. Go to work! For the love of God!

    11. This cat whose curtain adventure was thwarted:

    12. This dog who was real suspicious:

    So I’ve been in quarantine for a few days now and my dog starting to do weird shit

    13. This cat who'd rather not see their new reality:

    My cat rl sick of me being in the house now 😭🤣

    14. This dog who deserves to nap:

    If you'll excuse me, I plan to spend the remainder of this quarantine taking pictures of my dog being disgruntled that I woke him up from a nap

    15. This cat who was two seconds away from biting that dog's tail:

    this is week #4 of quarantine and it’s kind of hilarious to gently annoy a cat via dog proxy

    16. And finally, this dog who can coincidentally speak human (and just warning ya, this dog curses a lot):

    another gem from my dad’s girlfriend. not going to lie i cried a little from laughing and it felt v. good. much needed

    And remember — just because your pet may be sick of you doesn't mean you should leave home. Thanks.

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