14 Dogs Who Succumbed To The Power Of A Cat And 3 That Refused To

    Cats want to watch the world burn.

    1. This dog who was forced to pretend they were a cat:

    2. This pack of dogs who knew their place:

    3. This dog who howled into the wind:

    4. This dog who not only had their bed stolen, but their toy too:

    5. This dog who made use of the cat bed as a pillow:

    6. This dog who made an effort to share:

    7. This dog who saw a basket and said, "This will do...I guess":

    8. This dog who tried to fight back to no avail:

    9. This dog who was clearly outnumbered:

    10. This dog who did what they could with what they were left with:

    11. These pups who lost a battle despite outnumbering the enemy:

    12. This dog who hid their face in embarrassment:

    13. This dog who used the cat as their cushion:

    14. This dog who succumbed to the power of a kitten:

    15. This dog who found a new chair:

    16. This dog who didn't understand why their human wasn't helping them:

    17. And finally, this dog who wasn't about to get evicted without a fight: