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19 Dads Who Didn't Want A Cat And Came Around Real Fast

There's no love like cat love.

1. This dad who tucks his cat in at night:

2. This dad who values the importance of kitty entertainment:

3. This dad who enjoys brushing his cat as much as the cat does:

Dad: I don't want the damn cat in the house *2 days later*

4. This dad who's become king of his cat kingdom:

my dad: "if you bring home any more animals im leaving I don't want them I don't even like cats" also my dad:

5. This dad who should change his career to "cat bed maker":

6. This dad who definitely doesn't regret keeping the cat:

“We can’t keep it.” -my dad 10 months ago

7. This dad who got crafty:

My dad last year: "I'll never have cats. Pets in general are too much work. I don't want to ever have pets again." My dad this year after a pregnant cat went into his house to have 4 babies: "look I've made a playground for them"

8. This dad who now has a new kid in his life:

9. This dad who just wanted a little cuddle:

my dad a year ago: we’re NOT getting a cat. they’re evil! i don’t want any cats in this house!!! my dad now:

10. This dad who was caught in the act:

Mi dad : No quiero animales en la casa Him the minute I bring a cat into the house :

11. This dad who was just trying to brighten up his camera roll:

Mom&Dad : NO CATS ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE! Mom&Dad, 1 Month later :

12. This dad who created a cardboard masterpiece:

13. This dad who happily became a human bed:

14. This dad who only wants the best for his lil' friend:

my dad, 2 months ago: we are never getting a cat. no cat of yours will live in this house my dad, now: i spent two weeks building this custom shelf so gizmo can sit by his favorite window because the one you bought from amazon isn’t good enough

15. This dad who couldn't resist a selfie:

My dad 3 days ago: We do not need another cat in this house!! I don’t want him!!!! My dad now:

16. This dad whose kitty seems to know what he once said about cats:

my dad: these damn cats aren’t welcome in MY house, just another rat mouth to feed also my dad:

17. This dad who knew the way to his cat's heart:

My dad 3 years ago: No cats in the house!! My dad recently:

18. This dad and cat duo who deserve their own show:

My dad didn’t want another cat but now all he does is post photos of them doing random things on Facebook

19. And finally, this dad who should just give up pretending at this point: