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    Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    This Captain America And Billy Eichner Mashup Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

    "Nothing but respect for my captain of the lesbians."

    So here I was the other day, casually minding my own business on Twitter, when I came across a video that basically changed my whole life.


    It's a mashup clip featuring Captain America directing some of the Avengers to follow him by saying "Let's go, lesbians!" I've watched it about 3,000 times now:

    it’s midnight and i’m tired so i made this

    And if you're wondering whose voice that is, it's none other than comedian/actor/frequent jogger Billy Eichner. The audio comes from a Billy on the Street segment titled, "Lesbian Lightning Round", because of course it does.

    Fuse / Via

    Billy quickly caught wind of the video and put a call out to Chris Evans:

    Hey @ChrisEvans this is what happened when someone put audio from Billy on the Street into Captain America

    And before we knew it, Chris confirmed our beliefs and forever changed how we watch that Civil War clip:

    That’s exactly what I was going for in that moment. I’m glad someone picked up on my inner monologue.

    Hell, even Mr. Luke Skywalker (AKA Mark Hamill) was a fan of the mashup. It transcends universes!


    The clip was made by 20-year-old college student Lesley Elizabeth, also known as "Lissy" or @homeisarealsong on Twitter.

    She told BuzzFeed that it was made in under two minutes on iMovie and came about when she was half-asleep and watching Civil War for the 50th time.

    Twitter: @homeisarealsong

    "As soon as the airport scene came on the 'Let’s go, lesbians!' video was the first thing I thought of? I guess I spend too much of my free time on Twitter."

    She went on to say, "I honestly don’t even know why it got this much clout but I’m glad that it made people have a laugh even just for a moment."

    In this moment, we're all Lissy:

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