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19 Cake Decorators Who Should Be Embarrassed, But Probably Aren't

Cakes were definitely harmed in the making of this.

1. This decorator who did Hannah dirty:

2. This decorator who refused to put the "cum" in "Summa Cum Laude":

Cara Koscinski

3. This person who isn't quite sure of their statement:

Eccohawk / Via

4. This decorator who couldn't even be bothered to finish the job:

kshousewife / Via

5. This asshole:

6. This person who thought this was an acceptable representation of cheetah print:

7. This person who whitewashed Dora:

teamdna04 / Via

8. This decorator who obviously offended this cat:

thehellsbelle / Via

9. This person who confused graduation "cap" with "cat":

bluesberry / Via

10. This person who took their instructions a little too literally:

11. This decorator who really wanted to emphasize the comma:

12. This person who took a photo from their client and just planted it on top of a cake they already made:

scottsteg / Via

13. This person who had a lot on their mind:

jhousden9 / Via

14. This georgeous decorator:

salinalaw73 / Via

15. This person who was close, but not quite there:

16. This decorator who didn't even try:

diamondsealtd / Via

17. This person who made a groom's cake that is almost better than the original:

bananaloutay / Via

18. This decorator who heard "I want nothing on the cake" and obliged:


19. And finally, this person who gave Marc (with a c) the birthday they deserve:

MrsCatDish / Via