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11 Cake Decorators Who Should Probably Be Fired And 11 Who Deserve A Promotion

Making cakes isn't a piece of...well, you get it.

1. This cake decorator must have been having a shitty day:

But give this cake's creator the world and more:

2. What did these princesses do to deserve this:

I'm sure they would much rather live in this masterpiece:

3. This Yoda's having a little too much fun playing with his lightsaber:

While this Yoda honestly looks better than the real one:

4. That ocean water is really starting to get to this mermaid:

But Ariel here is lookin' like a work of art:

5. This decorator must really want to ruin a customer's relationship:

While this one believes in true love:

6. Even Mickey gets sunburned sometimes:

But let's stick to this one and not make it a regular thing:

7. Whoever made this has an...interesting vision:

But whoever built this probably made Gabriel's day:

8. TBH, I kinda like this wonky duck LOL:

But I think we can all agree that this decorator is more talented than we'll ever be:

9. This decorator is petty AF and literally printed the cake the customer wanted ONTO the cake:

While this one is just too gorgeous to eat:

10. This time, the decorator just couldn't find time to download a picture, so they put a picture of the USB on the cake instead:

But this one went all out and put an entire motherboard on theirs:

11. Finally, this person created an entirely new latte-inspired fraternity:

While this person deserves a raise for creating an entire latte using cake alone: