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    17 Times The Internet Nailed What Being A Picky Eater Is ACTUALLY Like

    "Do you have chicken nuggets?"

    1. The life of a picky eater is not an easy one.

    2. You always miss out on the newest food trends because they're bound to be gross.

    3. And eating fancy food has never been your forte.

    Adam Ellis

    4. Literally every single one of your receipts looks a little something like this:

    5. But it's either that or risk having to pluck all the crap off your food yourself.

    6. Most of your friends don't understand your refined palette.

    7. While others sometimes take your tastes into thoughtful consideration.

    8. Some may say it's just a childhood phase.

    9. But only you know that it's obviously not.

    10. You're very proud of yourself when you try something new.

    11. And feel bad when it doesn't quite work out.

    12. You'd think your parents would be on your side, but nah.

    13. They're just as fed up as everyone else.

    14. You often open your full fridge and eat the same damn thing.

    15. And you will only eat that same thing if it's made and presented to your liking.

    16. Like I said, being picky is not easy.

    17. But ya might as well be picky and proud if you're gonna go all out.