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    The "Buff Bunny" Meme Is All You Need To Think About Right Now

    Why schedule appointments when your mom can do it for you?

    The "buff bunny" meme is nothing new. This bunny's lived on the interwebs for a minute now, but over this past month people on Twitter have since added a little bunny to the mix, transforming "buff bunny" to "buff bunny that protects all your insecurities" and I'm 100% here for it.

    Here are some of the best ones:

    1. On staying quiet:

    2. On dogs:

    3. On asking for permission:

    4. On speaking up:

    5. On knowing when you're right:

    6. On school:

    7. On dads:

    8. On anxiety:

    9. On asking for something:

    10. On taking the lead:

    11. On faking it 'til you make it:

    12. On concerts:

    13. On getting help:

    14. On standing up for your friends:

    15. On being bilingual:

    16. On alternative milks:

    17. And finally, on bullies:

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