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    17 Boyfriends Who Raised The Bar For The Rest Of 'Em

    Nothing says love like a homemade plant stand.

    1. This boyfriend who really, REALLY went all out:

    2. This boyfriend who was a bright light during a tough week:

    3. And this boyfriend who sprung into action:

    My bf knew my old plant stand had broken and I had no where to place my plants so he MADE me one!!!! 😭💖🌱💖💖🌵

    4. This boyfriend who took baths to the next level:

    5. This boyfriend who put together the perfect picture:

    6. This boyfriend who went out of his way to create a masterpiece:

    7. This boyfriend who's got a good memory:

    8. This boyfriend who came to appease his S.O.'s entire family:

    he showed up with flowers for my mom, grandma, & two aunts😢 what did i do to deserve him

    9. This boyfriend who was as happy for his girlfriend as she was for herself:

    when you finally get a job and your boyfriend is extra 💖

    10. This boyfriend who should open an Etsy shop:

    11. This boyfriend who created joy with one single board and some rope:

    i’ve been complaining that there are no swings in parks anymore, so he made me a swing :,) ❤️

    12. This boyfriend who, this is beautiful:

    13. This boyfriend who took on a new skill:

    I ran out of way to express my love to my girlfriend so I started learning how to paint so I could paint for her

    14. This boyfriend who made a star map that shows a section of stars specific to where they live:

    15. This boyfriend who put careful thought behind each detail:

    my boyfriend made me a vinyl.. like... custom cover art that he did himself and songs that remind him of me. ALSO the last song is a song he made for me when we first met. BYE

    16. This boyfriend who wrote a wholeee lot:

    For Christmas, my man wrote me a letter for every day we'd be apart while we are studying abroad with an 11 hour time difference 😢 he's so thoughtful

    17. And finally, this boyfriend who made the next best thing: