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    18 Boyfriends Who Went About This Whole Relationship Thing In A Weird Way

    Being in love is fun and all, but at what cost?

    1. This boyfriend...well, he tried.

    2. It's the thought that counts, right?

    3. We just...sigh.

    My boyfriend thinks he’s so funny and requests that I pay a “boyfriend subscription”

    4. At least he made the bed?

    5. Oh, he thought he was cute, huh?

    6. This boyfriend who used a George Foreman grill thinking it was a waffle iron...

    7. Can't a back rub just be a back rub?

    8. Dramatic, but fair.

    9. Oh my god.

    Thank you @jimmyjohns for delivering my sandwich. Im going to kill my boyfriend for putting my username on my order

    10. Is he...ok?

    11. "Fancy" is one word for this.


    13. *Screams*

    14. What the hell are we gonna do with all this flour???

    15. This boyfriend thought this was a suitable birthday gift for his girlfriend.

    16. I suppose he tried.

    17. Clever yet infuriating.

    18. And finally, a key chain could have worked too.