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    15 Boyfriends Who Really Didn't Want A Cat And Caved Real Fast

    Cats > A boyfriend

    1. This boyfriend who found a new cuddle partner:

    People be like: “I hate cats” “Cats are stupid” “Cats don’t love you like dogs” My boyfriend is one of these people Here is a pic of him & my new kitten 🙄

    2. This boyfriend and cat pair who were made for each other:

    3. This boyfriend who sure looks like he wants that cat now:

    4. This boyfriend who made a makeshift bed:

    5. This boyfriend who's probably visited this cat café a dozen times after:

    #OverheardCrumbsAndWhiskers 😹 Boyfriend to his girlfriend: I’m highly allergic to cats. I’m only here because you want to be here. Boyfriend no more than 4 minutes later:

    6. This boyfriend who was caught red-handed:

    7. This boyfriend and cat who are inseparable:

    My bf: “I hate cats. if you ever bring one home I’m moving out.” After my spiteful ass got a cat:

    8. This boyfriend who made a new friend:

    9. This boyfriend who couldn't resist this cute face:

    10. This boyfriend who was willing to share his couch space:

    My boyfriend: I hate cats Also my boyfriend:

    11. This boyfriend who was showing his kitty the magic of video games:

    12. This boyfriend who should just stop pretending:

    This is a call out post to my bf who pretends to hate cats and Disney then picks Wreck it Ralph as our movie for the night and cuddles my cat the entire time

    13. This boyfriend who claimed he didn't want another cat:

    14. This boyfriend who was just as entertained as the kitty was:

    my boyfriend: i don’t want a cat also my boyfriend:

    15. And finally, this boyfriend who didn't follow his own rule:

    My boyfriend: no cats on the bed Also my boyfriend: