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19 Times Grandparents Were So Wrong, But Oh So Right

Always count on grandma for some weed gloves.

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1. This grandparent who thought an iPad doubled as a cutting board:

IonnaTrailer / Via

2. This grandma who made some interesting candlestick Christmas cookies:

furzigel / Via

3. This grandparent who's a true detective:

FPSRedHead / Via

4. This John Cena stan:

5. This grandma who created a Saw-level game:


6. These grandparents who framed their granddaughter's selfie:

starrstreet / Via

7. This grandma who thought she was buying her 7-year-old grandchild a floral glove:

I_Say_I_Say / Via

8. This grandparent who likes to talk shit:

kristinjean67 / Via

9. This grandma who's trying to take her very first selfie:

10. This grandma who's living a double life:

11. This grandpa who just wanted to treat himself:

the_vole / Via

12. This grandma who bought this so that her 12-year-old niece could do crafts:

13. These two grandparents who were waiting for each other:

bigred1987 / Via

14. This grandma who tried to censor a Hollister bag:

15. This grandma who bought her grandson, Brodie Jonas, a cool new shirt:

Buffnuggets / Via

16. This grandma who thought this 8-bit sword was actually a cross:

TheBeardedGarcia / Via

17. This grandpa who got a special balloon for his grandson, Connor:

thatronspecial / Via

18. These grandparents who tried to treat their grandchildren equally:

19. And finally, this grandma who's really trying to live her best life:

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