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    15 Tweets That Prove Wearing All Black Is The Only Way To Live

    Wearing black isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle.

    1. On following your dreams:

    one day i aspire to wear so much black that i simply turn into an event horizon that destroys everything i pass

    2. On eternal life:

    Come to Hell, you get to wear all black outfits instead of all white.

    3. On letting the clothes wear you:

    My deepest fear is wearing all black and thinking I'm looking chic and modern but in reality I just look like a stage manager.

    4. On getting called emo every 10 seconds:

    This really is how white girls in middle school would bully people omg

    5. On never giving in to the seasons:

    i'm the kind of guy that will wear black jeans and a black sweater outside on a hot summer day and be annoyed that i'm a million degrees

    6. On getting out of your comfort zone:

    i didn't wear any black today as an experiment to see if ppl liked me more and everyone still hated me so i'm back to wearing black tomorrow

    7. On becoming part of a rad crew:

    People who wear all black during the summer:

    8. On wearing different colors:

    my mum: you should wear something different than black for Christmas dinner ! colorful and sweet for the family me:

    9. On difficult decisions:

    should i wear all black or all black tonight? okay all black it is

    10. On mourning:

    wearing all black to school as a funeral for my sleep

    11. On variety:

    When people think you wear the same black leggings everyday 😏

    12. On taking the easy way out:

    *owns 50 different shirts* *wears same black shirt every day*

    13. On not following trends:

    I told you MINT would be big in fashion this spring. Naturally, I will continue to wear black. (perpetual mourner)

    14. On your dream closet:

    Guy: “You only wear black? But I BET your closet is full of colorful clothes you don’t wear ” Me:

    15. And finally, on comebacks:

    person: *points at my all black outfit* person: aw who's funeral are you attending? me: *blank stare* me: YOURS