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    "Halloweentown" Debuted 20 Years Ago, So Here Are 18 Facts About The Film

    Kimberly J. Brown will always be the head witch in charge!

    Believe it or not, it's been 20 whole years since Halloweentown first came into our lives. Yes, we're all that old!

    So in order to celebrate this huge anniversary, BuzzFeed spoke to the head witch in charge, Kimberly J. Brown (aka Marnie Piper) and got the real tea behind our childhood fave.

    Here's what she had to share with us about herself and her time shooting the film:

    1. Halloweentown originally had a different ending. Instead of dropping the talisman in the giant pumpkin, Marnie was supposed to walk into the middle of a forest to plant the talisman, and as she got deeper into the forest, she would have become older.

    2. The entire film was shot in just four-to-five weeks in St. Helens, Oregon, and the real-life town looks just like Halloweentown does in the film.

    3. You can technically stay at Aggie's house because it's an actual bed and breakfast that overlooks St. Helens. It's called Nob Hill Riverview.

    4. Debbie Reynolds, aka Aggie Cromwell, used to introduce herself as "Princess Leia's mother" to people on set.

    5. She also tried to be as helpful as possible to everyone around her and used to try and move ladders around for the crew. For her safety, they would say, "No, no, Ms. Reynolds!"

    6. Aggie and Marnie's broom flying scene was the very last scene that was shot before the film wrapped. The scene is about 52 seconds long in the film, but in reality took hours to shoot.

    7. It was also Kimberly's favorite scene to shoot because prior to this she and Debbie hadn't shot any scenes together without the rest of the cast.

    8. Some of the spells in the series are in Welsh, including the one that activates the talisman.

    9. The cast was given an audiotape of the spell to memorize it, but Debbie took it upon herself to write the spell down phonetically on her notepad and share that with the rest of the cast.

    10. Kimberly kept a few props from the films, including Kalabar's bat from the first film, the Halloweentown book, Marnie's costumes from the second and third films, and the tiny prop broom from the second film.

    11. Speaking of the Halloweentown book, it was specially made and designed for the film. Disney hired an artist to illustrate it and used a reference photo of Kimberly to include her in the book.

    12. Marnie and Aggie's relationship in the films very much mirrored Kimberly and Debbie's real-life relationship. They had a genuine friendship outside the films.

    13. Despite taking place on Halloween, the film was actually shot during the dead of summer in July — so precautions had to be taken for the extras wearing masks so they would avoid overheating.

    14. Kimberly last saw the film in its entirety about a year ago when the movie randomly came on TV and she was with friends who hadn't seen it.

    15. Despite starring in a Halloween classic herself, Kimberly's favorite Halloween films are: Hocus Pocus, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

    16. When asked about Aggie's iconic line, "Being normal is vastly overrated," Kimberly said the quote presents a theme she believes runs through the entire Halloweentown series.

    17. Kimberly realized the movie was a success when there were talks of a sequel, but it all really sunk in when she attended the Spirit Of Halloweentown festival in 2017 and saw over 15,000 people in the small town waiting to see her and the rest of the cast.

    18. And finally, Kimberly is "totally open" to making another Halloweentown film if the opportunity presents itself.

    May the magic of Halloweentown live on for eternity.