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    17 Photos Of Plants Before And After Their Rescue That Are Oddly Moving

    If these plants could survive through tough times, so can you.

    1. This plant that is now living its best life:

    u/readit_reddit_reedit / Via

    2. This plant that refused to let a house fire win:

    u/plantichrist / Via

    3. This succulent that's thriving:

    u/bbattlestargalactica / Via

    4. This plant that now has a nicer home than I do:

    u/Mr_Wy / Via

    5. This plant that took no time at all to revive itself:

    u/sillybard / Via

    6. This plant that must be glad it was transferred to someone who cares:

    u/kimpressive / Via

    7. This plant that survived a tough summer:

    u/liisaispurple / Via

    8. This plant that appeared to be falling behind, but ended up outshining 'em all:

    u/geekwiththeglasses / Via

    9. This plant that has come a long way from its box days:

    u/coralcatmeow / Via

    10. This plant that was sold at a discounted rate and is now priceless:

    u/TaylorMariiee / Via

    11. This plant that was given a second chance:

    u/tractoroflove / Via

    12. This plant that just needed a home:

    u/sunecas / Via

    13. This plant that truly came back from the grave:

    u/teak-decks / Via

    14. This plant that is grateful for all the love it's been given:

    u/piquepiquepique / Via

    15. This plant just keeps on multiplying:

    u/nanabozho2 / Via

    16. This plant that is living happily ever after:

    u/Woowar / Via

    17. And finally, this plant that is all of us:

    u/mitchellered / Via

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