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    15 Handwriting Samples That Seem Fake But Are 100% Real

    Some people just have printers for hands I guess.

    1. This handwriting that deserves the world and more:

    2. This door note that needs to become a real font ASAP:

    3. This cute, spooky reminder:

    4. This sweet creation:

    5. This effortless note:

    6. This car masterpiece that should never be washed off:

    7. This takeout box that can never be topped:

    8. This perfect date:

    9. These math calculations that will make you actually like math:

    10. These medical class notes that could save a life in more ways than one:

    11. These notes that are suspiciously flawless:

    12. This professor's handwriting that has me convinced they're a robot:

    13. These class notes that

    14. This hand written hotel menu that needs to become standard in all Hiltons:

    15. And finally, this beautiful insult:

    H/T r/PenmanshipPorn