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    19 Showers That Were Built With No Thought In Mind

    Common sense is apparently a scarce resource.

    1. This fancy shower that has probably caused a few head injuries and broken limbs:

    2. This hotel room shower that wants to leave you with a big water damage bill:

    3. This rigid shower head that sprays everything but the person showering:

    4. This shower window that gives the neighborhood a show no one asked for:

    5. This NYC shower that happily sprays your curtain, but not you:

    6. This shower rod that can't even serve its sole purpose:

    7. This shower that will quite literally kill you:

    8. This dorm shower that doesn't care about privacy:

    9. This shower that was designed badly, but built impressively:

    10. This shower that is trying too hard to be different:

    11. This shower that shouldn't allow you to take someone hostage:

    12. This gym shower that is a little too creepy for my taste:

    13. This shower that requires way too much effort to get into:

    14. This shower that hogs up all the (soggy) toilet paper:

    15. These stairs that undoubtedly have colonies of mold living underneath them:

    16. This shower that requires two PhDs to operate:

    17. This shower door that is out for blood:

    18. This shower that wants you to break an ankle:

    19. And finally, this palm tree shower design that looks murderous:

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign