19 Things That Somehow Weren't Questioned Before Being Released Into The World

    This is why I have trust issues.

    1. This mother who isn't actually decapitating her child:

    2. This poison that definitely isn't protein powder:

    3. This billboard for a school that doesn't actually allow horses:

    4. This masked family that isn't about to eat you:

    5. This bath salt that makes for a warm pee bath:

    6. And this pair of camo shorts that need to go back to the drawing board:

    7. This bread that is the reason for your trust issues:

    8. This mall sign that unintentionally advertised their bathrooms too:

    9. This detergent that looks like it's one death away from a bad lawsuit: 

    10. And these bath bombs...that are made by candy makers...but aren't candy:

    11. This lighter that could cause some bad mouth burns:

    12. This rug that's seemingly infested:

    13. This mug that's got the word "murder" splattered all over it:

    14. This sink that shouldn't exist:

    15. These sauces that only made my car dirtier:

    16. This restaurant logo that REALLY needs to be reevaluated:

    17. This sign that gives mixed messages depending on how close you are to it:

    18. This rabbit whose tail went missing and was replaced by, well, a void:

    19. And finally, this chandelier that's got an unintended condom aesthetic:

    H/T r/CrappyDesign