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    19 People Who Are Having A Worse Day At Work Than You

    Sometimes you just need to take that two hour lunch.

    1. This person who unknowingly gave everyone a free show:

    u/Krumpus8 / Via

    2. This person who might still be sorting beans to this day:

    u/CensoryDeprivation / Via

    3. This person who found the irony in it all:

    u/L3gion097 / Via

    4. This person who hopefully found better friends at their new job:

    u/NubShakeZ / Via

    5. This person who said this real casually:

    u/paperboy41 / Via

    6. This person who hopefully works in a morgue:

    u/bannerFR / Via

    7. This person who was so close, yet so far:

    u/cbrmickrr / Via

    8. This person who might have to move to a new state:

    9. This person who can rest easy knowing that at least they're not boring:

    u/0lidag / Via

    10. This person who never asked for this:

    u/soulkeyy / Via

    11. This person who nearly swallowed a fly AND worked on a weekend:

    u/beathelas / Via

    12. This person who couldn't do their janitorial work because they weren't given keys:

    u/Dazd95 / Via

    13. This person who didn't spill blood, but might as well have:

    u/rjftw24 / Via

    14. This person who's auditioning for another Carrie film:

    u/TandoriChicken / Via

    15. This person who hopefully blocked that Tesla in:

    u/Learn_To_Burn / Via

    16. This person who now knows better:

    u/the_creamery_kid / Via

    17. This person who might as well just burn the car:

    u/spidma / Via

    18. This person who has an AWFUL boss:

    u/Timizorzom / Via

    19. And finally, this person who couldn't even make it all the way to work:

    u/skinscrazy2002 / Via

    H/T r/Wellthatsucks

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