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23 Hotel Design Fails That Need To Go Down In History

I'll be sleeping in my own bed from now on.

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1. These room directions that require three master's degrees to figure out:

thecomment-guy / Via

2. This hotel bathroom that's rudely anti-mirror:

asapave / Via

3. This bed shelf that's looking to give you a concussion:

dosnos / Via

4. This room door that might just drop you to your death:

DisturbingArmadillo / Via

5. This shared AC that can only be controlled by the neighboring room:

Moople_deFioosh / Via

6. These floors that lead to god only knows where:

bballdeo / Via

7. These curtains that are designed to give you nightmares:

r4inb0wz3 / Via

8. These hotel lobby lamp shades that appear to be hairy:

ntaylor7746 / Via

9. And this horrifying breakfast area artwork:

ConerTheBarbarian / Via

10. This bathroom vent that you need to look twice at to get:

eddygoombah / Via

11. This sofa-bed that is more sofa than bed:

mowerblades / Via

12. This booty-ful artwork in the hotel dining area:

Rawrnosaur / Via

13. This window into the bathroom that literally has NO purpose:

username9-59 / Via

14. This room number sign that thinks it's a chameleon:

DiceGottfried / Via

15. This door that's supposed to say "108" but thinks it's being real cute:

redditor_arg / Via

16. This hotel bathroom that doesn't care if you wipe or not:

diosmioman / Via

17. These door decals that aren't what they appear to be:

mrinska / Via

18. This sink that only had ONE job:

DiceGottfried / Via

19. This ceiling that needs to learn about personal space:

BoyWhoCriedDoge / Via

20. This light switch that resides INSIDE a hotel room:

ThatBitterJerk / Via

21. This building sign that ate the alphabet up and spit it out:

creme_boolee / Via

22. This brand new carpeting that's straight out of Saw:

binstedk / Via

23. And finally, this tiny window with big curtain dreams:

Zucc_book / Via

H/T r/crappydesign

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