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    29 Aubrey Plaza Moments That Are The Perfect Amount Of Weird

    She's the chaotic good this world deserves.

    1. When she described her first kiss in great detail:

    Aubrey saying her first kiss was with a boy who once taped a screwdriver to his foot and went around kicking people
    W Magazine / Via

    2. When she ate a bunch of VERY hot wings and then snorted milk for relief:

    First We Feast / Via

    3. When a fan asked her what they should do about a friend not paying them back:

    Aubrey saying that the fan should rob a bank or do something illegal to get them arrested because money doesn't matter
    Cosmopolitan / Via

    4. When she threw out a ceremonial first pitch at a Dodgers game in a 69 jersey:

    Aubrey wearing a Dodgers jersey with a 69 on the back
    StadiumBound / Via

    5. When she pulled up her most recent Google searches and found a very Aubrey search:

    Aubrey googling "How To Hide A Dead Body"
    Wired / Via

    Same with this one:

    Aubrey googling, "Do I have stigmata"
    Wired / Via

    6. When she accepted an award on Amy Poehler's behalf:

    Aubrey thanking the devil for the award
    ABC / Via

    7. When she showed up to the Ingrid Goes West premiere in the same exact outfit Elizabeth Olsen was wearing:

    Elizabeth Olsen getting caught off guard with Aubrey showing up in her outfit
    AP / Via

    8. When she shared her wide array of squirrel costumes:

    Aubrey showing a photo of her in a squirrel costume with a giant acorn in her mouth and another of her in a squirrel head flipping the camera off
    WIRED / Via

    9. When she hyped up J.Lo and then dragged actor Mary Kay Place at the Spirit Independent Awards:

    Aubrey saying J.Lo just performed at the Super Bowl while Mary Kate Place is a "lazy sack of shit"
    IFC / Via

    10. When she made it clear that she doesn't have time for ghosts or home intruders:

    Aubrey taking a quiz and saying that if she heard a thump in the night she would just take a Xanax and go back to bed
    BuzzFeed / Via

    11. When she found her true calling as a gender-swapped Joe Jonas:

    omg can’t wait to get back on tour with my bandmates and sisters 🤪

    Twitter: @evilhag

    12. When she randomly did this pose while promoting Happiest Season:

    Aubrey spreading her legs on cam while everyone else isn't
    BuzzFeed / Via

    And then pretended to lick the webcam at the end:

    BuzzFeed / Via

    13. When she told Jimmy Fallon to never sing to her again:

    Jimmy singing and Aubrey telling him, "Just please don't do that ever again"

    14. When she shared her very specific death wish:

    Aubrey saying she's not claustrophobic and hoping she suffocates to death
    TBS / Via

    15. When she got high with two nuns:

    Aubrey smoking with nuns and a nun saying, "Our position is if Jesus lived, he probably smoked weed"
    Cut / Via

    16. When she chose death over self-reflection:

    Aubrey saying she'd rather get stabbed by a puppet than do therapeutic role-playing
    Vanity Fair / Via

    17. When she took someone's phone and swiped on Tinder for them:

    Aubrey telling a Tinder match she's been up to no good along with a Santa emoji
    Vanity Fair / Via

    18. When she revealed her magical side:

    Aubrey asking the interviewer if she looks like a witch and then saying she has a wand in her purse
    @Hollywood / Via

    19. When she agreed with the rest of the world that Riley and Abby should have ended up together:

    Aubrey saying she hopes people are disappointed and riot because she and Kristen didn't end up together
    FabTV / Via

    20. When she explained why she goes by "evil hag" on social media:

    .@evilhag on where 'evil hag' came from 😂 #AubreyPlaza #StephenColbert

    Twitter: @GlobalTV

    21. When she revealed her childhood chatroom screen name:

    Aubrey saying her first screen name was Rad Beaver at the age of 11
    The New York Times / Via

    22. When she got hooked up to a lie detector:

    Aubrey saying going to an all girl catholic school messed her up
    Vanity Fair / Via

    23. When she played with children's toys and gave them a whole narrative:

    Aubrey using a toy phone to call her divorce lawyer and saying she wants full custody
    Glamour / Via

    24. When she said hi to Whoopi in the best way possible:

    Whoopi saying she just saw Aubrey the prior day on Seth Meyer's show and Aubrey saying, "I know! Can you believe we made out?"
    ABC / Via

    25. When she hung out at the beach the only way Aubrey knows how:

    Twitter: @evilhag

    26. When she talked about her phallic summer:

    Conan O'Brien asking Aubrey if she had a good summer and Aubrey saying, "Yea. So many penises."

    27. When she creeped up behind Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton:

    28. And finally, when she had some strong words for the old people of the world during her Young Hollywood Awards speech:

    Aubrey thanking Young Hollywood and young people before telling old people to go fuck themselves
    TBS / Via

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