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    17 Aubrey Plaza Moments That Are So Aubrey Plaza It Hurts

    I'd like to thank the devil and all the dark lords for Aubrey.

    1. Accept an award on Amy Poehler's behalf and then proceed to thank the devil:


    2. Publicly ask Anna Kendrick for a nude:

    3. Set up a big ass computer in Starbucks as part of a prank:

    4. Illegally hug a statue of Jeff Goldblum:

    Aubrey Plaza hugging a Jeff Goldblum statue in London while being reprimanded by security (2018)

    5. Show up to a red carpet dressed just like Elizabeth Olsen:

    AP / Via

    6. Choose suffocation as her ideal form of death:


    7. Tell old people to go fuck themselves during an awards show:

    The CW

    8. Advocate for herself and for the roles she believes she deserves:


    9. And then pretend to lick Robert De Niro's face:

    plazadeaubrey / Via

    10. Throw a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game while wearing the number 69:

    11. Dress up a squirrel on more than one occasion:

    WIRED / Via

    12. Beat the dude who invented the Heimlich maneuver in a popularity contest:


    13. Smoke weed with two nuns:

    Cut / Via

    14. Photobomb Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry:

    katyperry /

    15. Follow her principal home in a box:


    16. Tell Jimmy Fallon to stop singing:


    17. And finally, tweet this out:

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