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14 Food Photos That’ll Piss You Off, Then 14 That'll Calm You Down

Find comfort in the discomfort. H/T Reddit's Mildly Infuriating

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1. Inspect this poor mangled pie that never stood a chance.

othergeneration / Via

Now take comfort in knowing that some people put love, care, and symmetry into their pies.

warface25 / Via

2. This poorly cut pizza is problematic and I won't stand for it.

jaybram24 / Via

So just for you, I present to you a pizza that is not only cut well, but fits in line with its plate.

Mofromtheco / Via

3. This person is obviously a monster.

cipherium / Via

But at least this scoop of peanut butter looks prettier than I ever will.

moudine / Via

4. Unfortunately, not everyone gets an equal slice of this poorly cut sandwich.

habstraktgatts / Via

But fear not, 'cause this lucky person gets two whole perfectly sized sandwiches!

rubiks_pubiks / Via


Hopefully this perfectly compacted sugar won't meet the same fate.

Zombie_murderess / Via

6. Whoever made this sub is a master of illusion.

But there's nothing more magical than this beautiful piece of meat.

horseradishfistfight / Via

7. Biting into Hubba Bubba is a crime in all 50 states.

merkerberker / Via

But you know what isn't criminal? This impressive gum sculpture!

witenry / Via

8. Take a peek at this shameful bagel.

Now revel in the beauty that is the birth of bagels.

-ev / Via

9. Think you can handle this photo?

I know, I know, that was dumb. Sorry. Please take this GIF as my sincere apology.

o0Tektite0o / Via

10. Look at this cereal killer.

Fish-Cakes / Via

OK, I'm done with the puns. For real. Chill out by appreciating this smart cereal box design.

A_LittleBirdieToldMe / Via

11. This person is obviously just trying to piss you off.

Don't give them that benefit! Look at the way this wrapper epically broke off instead.

moonblooms / Via

12. Someone took LESS than half a doughnut. GO FOR IT ALL OR DON'T EAT IT AT ALL!

ijdc_ / Via

Now I'm the one getting mad. Join me in appreciating a time when the doughnut was once whole.

netlohcs / Via

13. I think we've ALL been through a moment like this.

thrsnospn / Via

Except this person. This person had a prime opening experience.

Villafanart / Via

14. And finally, start a petition against this disrespectful Reese's.

Sphax137 / Via

Because this is obviously the gold standard.

jacobmherl / Via

H/T Reddit's Mildly Infuriating

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