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A Definitive Ranking Of Iconic Telenovela Theme Songs

Yes, Thalía is on it more than once.

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IMPORTANT: Each song was ranked on a scale of zero to five Thalía heads because, let's face it, Thalía was the queen of telenovela intros.

25. "Quinceañera" by Timbiriche


Novela: Quinceañera (1987)

This song has had the extraordinary opportunity to become part of the culture itself, and you no doubt hear it every time you go to a quinceañera. Thalía didn't sing this one though, which is unfortunate.

24. "Esmeralda" by Javier Rodríguez


Novela: Esmeralda (1997)

This song was tailor-made for the novela, so extra points for that. Also extra points for all the Esmeraldas out there who got a real smooth song to compliment you on the daily.

23. "La Descarada" by Reyli


Novela: Rubí (2004)

This song is a bit of a downer on the surface, but when it comes to Rubí, it's absolutely appropriate. Even television's hottest villain can't catch a break.

21. "De Mí Enamórate" by Daniela Romo


Novela: El Camino Secreto (1986)

At first glance this just another calm, '80s ballad. That is, until Daniela goes all Mariah Carey on you and basically hands everyone her heavy heart.

19. "Las Juanas" by Carolina Sabino


Novela: Las Juanas (1997)

Aside from being a really lively jam, the intro that accompanies it has an IRL butt that turns into both a moon and a fish. If that doesn't make for a memorable theme song, then IDK what will.

17. "Vuelve" by Ricky Martin

El Canal de las Estrellas

Novela: Sin Ti (1997)

For the most part, you wouldn't return to a man who has made it clear that he doesn't want you. But when it's Ricky Martin, you go running back.

16. "Víveme" by Laura Pausini


Novela: La Madrastra (2005)

This song starts off super chill, but then BAM you're hit with some undeniable power and emotion. That pretty much also sums up how Victoria Ruffo looks in the GIF above.

14. "Dos Mujeres, Un Camino" by Laura León


Novela: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (1993)

Love triangles can get messy, and this song is living proof of that. It's better to move on than to have to listen to this to cope with your lost love.

11. "Xica Rainha" by Patrícia Amaral, Marcus Viana e Transfônica Orkestra

Bloch Som e Imagem

Novela: Xica da Silva (1996)

Listening to this is truly a religious experience that'll leave you feeling blessed. No other novela goes as far as to have an orchestra in their theme song, so this is nothing short of an artistic masterpiece.

10. "Agujetas de Color de Rosa" by Onda Vaselina


Novela: Agujetas de Color de Rosa (1994)

The jam sounds colorful, just like its title says. The message behind it? Love what you want to love and don't apologize for it.

9. "Desnuda" by Ricardo Arjona


Novela: Tres Mujeres (1999)

A theme song that you can also have sex to? What a deal! You can thank Ricardo for showing you just how beautiful the naked human body can be via song.

8. "Amiga y Rivales" by Kabah


Novela: Amigas y Rivales (2001)

This song breathes so much LIFE. Anytime this intro came on, it transformed your living room into a nightclub. You of course needed a crazy song to prep you for the insanity that was about to ensue on the show.

7. "Se Dice de Mí" by Yolanda Rayo


Novela: Yo Soy Betty, la Fea (1999)

Betty is a doer, and this song represents just that. If you're ever in a rush or just need to get shit done, singer Yolanda Rayo will speed-talk you through it in this song.

6. "Maria la del Barrio" by Thalía


Novela: María la del Barrio (1995)

Hit-maker Thalía made a humble woman from the barrio into a bona fide pop diva even before you got the chance to know who María was! She got you dancing with joy before Soraya went on to ruin your day.

5. "Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto" by OV7


Novela: Mi Pequeña Traviesa (1997)

Pop song of the century TBH. This song by OV7 did not originally have the words "pequeña traviesa" in it, but trying to listen to it any other way just feels wrong. The novela's title just fits, and it makes for an incredible song.

4. "Carrusel" by José Antonio "Potro" Farías


Novela: Carrusel (1989)

You know when you get hit with a bit of nostalgia and it makes you feel SO MANY THINGS? Blame Carrusel. This sweet-sounding tune transports you straight back to childhood and makes you wish life was just a little bit simpler again.

3. "Para Siempre" by Vicente Fernandez


Novela: Fuego en la Sangre (2008)

The novela translates to "fire in the blood," and Vincente might as well be holding the match. This song is pure fire and will get your blood flowing better than any lover ever will.

2. "Rebelde" by RBD


Novela: Rebelde (2004)

Even if you haven't seen this novela (or even knew it existed), you've heard this song. It launched RBD into the stratosphere and brought out everyone's inner rebel.

1. "Marimar" by Thalía

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Novela: Marimar (1994)

Bow down to queen Thalía! Creating one iconic song after the other is no walk in the park, but this actress and singer pulled it off flawlessly! The Marimar theme is the perfect song for when you're dancing on the beach while buzzed off three margaritas. OW!

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