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    Apr 4, 2016

    21 Insanely Useful Skills Every Mexican Has Mastered

    Those cucharas aren't gonna dodge themselves.

    1. Flipping a tortilla without giving your fingers third-degree burns.

    2. Dodging any object going faster than the speed of sound.

    Fox / Thinkstock

    3. Avoiding all real mechanics because your dad "knows a guy."

    4. Knowing how to choose your battles VERY wisely.

    5. Getting rid of friends who choose to fuck with the dark side.

    6. Fighting your way through a mosh pit of children just to get a piece of candy.

    7. Escaping a barrage of questions at every single family gathering.

    8. Waking up way before your alarm clock ever does.

    9. Cleaning thoroughly...even though you'll be told it’s not clean enough.

    10. Deciphering which tub is actually filled with the thing it says it is.

    11. Keeping a low profile when you hear a good scoop.

    12. Curing even the worst hangovers with a lil' bit of menudo.

    13. Finding the monster who puts a concha back without its top.

    14. Making any food taste 100 times better with a splash of Tapatio or Valentina.

    15. Lighting a vela to save your ass.

    16. Pretending to be asleep at the most critical times.

    17. Eating an entire meal even when you're not remotely hungry.

    18. Having a touch so gentle even a mazapan can appreciate it.

    19. Getting the quehacer done in the time it takes your mom to get from the driveway to the front door.

    20. Hoarding only the most important objects.

    21. And finally, just being Mexican. ❤️

    henrynote / Via

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