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18 Texts Your Mom Definitely Sent You During College

Are you eating????

1. When she creeps hard on your photos:

2. When she knows no boundaries:

3. When she sees something that vaguely reminds her of you:

4. When she never stops worrying:

5. When she is convinced your diet is subpar:

6. When she puts you in your place:

7. When she's suspicious of your intentions:

8. When she wants to take a walk down memory lane:

9. When she's concerned about your future:

10. When she's too in tune with technology:

11. When she guilt-trips you:

12. When she's convinced your life is straight out of Animal House:

13. When she defers to you as a slang expert:

14. When she gets freaked out over something "dream you" did:

15. When she's still checking in, even if she doesn't get a report card anymore:

16. When you don't text her back fast enough:

17. When she insists on rehashing old relationships you don't care about:

18. And when she just plain misses you: