Patrick Kelly
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    • Patrick Kelly

      Kinda of an odd list, though ok, it passes the sniff test. I am a big fan of Libertalia and Taikado. Actually I like them all, but I wouldn’t put any in a best of list. And the only gateway games in the list (those that I would recommend for people that are new to designer games) are 1, 5 and 6. Every designer game enthusiast is going to have their own faves. Though, I am curious about how many games the author of this list has actually played. It maybe tons, but I suspect not. If you are really interested in learning about games for the light to moderate gamer you may want to check out my podcast, It is board gaming from the perspective of married couples and unlike several others, looks at designer games that are suitable for gamers of every experience level and type. We have played hundreds upon hundreds of games and can point you toward games that play well with new and not so new gamers.

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