PC Games You Haven’t Seen Since 1995

Brought to you by that annoying paperclip from Microsoft Word.

1. The Oregon Trail

Ahh Oregon Trail… Feeling like a rich man when you buy 100 decks of cards, an axe and some pemmican only to lose them when you try and caulk the wagon and float.

Whatever you do, don’t name your characters after your family members unless you want your favorite cousin dying of snakebite or dysentery. Fair warning.

3. The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

1. Logic 2. Diversity 3. ZOOOMBIIIINI-VILLE!!!

5. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

So nostalgic it hurts. Positive yet painful neurons bounce around as you think of it. Oh where are you Carmen?

Back then I literally thought I was traveling the world AND had a cell phone.

Obligatory memory jogging screenshot.

7. Chex Quest

Oh I’m sorry… Did you think I was going to put DOOM on this list? Nah dude. Because young me got a sudden case of cereal aisle diarrhea when I saw this baby on the shelves.

It came with 50 free hours!!! What do YOU come with?

Tearing open that cereal box so fast and finding out what? That this game is basically FREAKING DOOM!!! (with way more cereal than the original). At a time when I definitely was not allowed to play DOOM thats like 6 year old me breaking the Da Vinci Code.

10. Math Blaster

Sesame Street gave me that proper syntax while games like this made me semi-interested in long division. Thanks Mom and Dad!

11. JumpStart First Grade

Cooking brownies with a talking dog, only to have my young fingers fumble and mess up the recipe… “Oh no! The glop monster!!”

…. aaand this total douche

14. 3d Pinball

What was your high score? Because ten year old me was a pinball millionaire.

15. Sid Meier’s Civilization

Pimping out my throne room with palm leaves and a tiger rug.

You go straight for the nukes don’t you Gandhi? All i want is to trade wine for horses and saltpeter.

Moments like this make me never want to end the war…

18. Age of Empires

Wololo Wolololo Wanana…. I’ve converted your catapult to Christianity.

20. Ecco The Dolphin

I don’t really understand what this game was about. I remember some jellyfish… I think.

I had actual DREAMS about this in summer of ‘94…

22. Chip’s Challenge

24. Ski Free

Please note that Ski Free broke the nostalgia meter…

This is going surprisingly well… I’m avoiding these rocks and pine trees like a boss.

Game Over… You may have lost. But nostalgia won.

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