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PC Games You Haven't Seen Since 1995

Brought to you by that annoying paperclip from Microsoft Word.

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The Oregon Trail

Ahh Oregon Trail... Feeling like a rich man when you buy 100 decks of cards, an axe and some pemmican only to lose them when you try and caulk the wagon and float.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

So nostalgic it hurts. Positive yet painful neurons bounce around as you think of it. Oh where are you Carmen?

Back then I literally thought I was traveling the world AND had a cell phone.

Chex Quest

Oh I'm sorry... Did you think I was going to put DOOM on this list? Nah dude. Because young me got a sudden case of cereal aisle diarrhea when I saw this baby on the shelves.


Tearing open that cereal box so fast and finding out what? That this game is basically FREAKING DOOM!!! (with way more cereal than the original). At a time when I definitely was not allowed to play DOOM thats like 6 year old me breaking the Da Vinci Code.

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