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10 Reasons Online Dating Sucks

So you've gone fishing for dates, heres why with the bait you've put out there couldn't catch a cold...

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Reason #3 Your profile reads like a never ending wish list

This reason is a corollary to reason #2...

While you were writing this Snuffleupagus size list of wants, you've said zero about who YOU are...

Even Santa won't put up with your shit.

Reason #6 You have the personality of a pet rock

So you thought having a minimalist profile was mysterious? Or did you feel too good for online dating to write something about yourself...

Perhaps your profile is spacious, but what you ARE writing speaks volumes.

Reason #8 You are coming off as creepy

The general package you are presenting is weirding people out... People are shuffling through hundreds of profiles and will dismiss you in an instant based on first impressions.

Reason #10 You are hiding something

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Everyone is hiding something. But perhaps this something is just too big...

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