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    • pablog5

      Ohhh double standards how much I love you ……He called a female staffer a “Jewish American princess,” and was kicked out but his comments about Islam is applauded and repeated as facts he is invited to Fox News and talk radio  “We already have a 5th column that is already infiltrating into our colleges, into our universities, into our high schools, into our religious aspect, our cultural aspect, our financial, our political systems in this country. And that enemy represents something called Islam and Islam is a totalitarian theocratic political ideology, it is not a religion.” – “George Bush got snookered into going into some mosque, taking his shoes off, and then saying that Islam was a religion of peace.” “there is an infiltration of the Sharia practice into all of our operating systems in our country as well as across Western civilization. So we must be willing to recognize that enemy.” . He argued that Islam is “not a faith” but a “totalitarian theocratic political ideology,” and that terrorism is inherent to Islam. He even said that Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D) of “represent(ing) the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established.”

    • pablog5

      This was a small group who wanted media attention and did not rep the Muslim community. This whole event was blown out of proportion because it had ” Muslim” attached to it when it was 911 truth event  Guy who orginised this MD Rabbi Alam guy made Anti Semetic and conspiracy theory remarks about 9-11 when he ran for office According to his site, Alam is planning to run again in 2016.
      They have no track record of any activities on behalf of the American Muslim community, with no purpose other than promoting the political ambitions of one man The leadership of AMPAC and the organizers of this event owe everyone including the American Muslim community an apology for using us to further their own personal political agenda.  American muslims were in the Building and died on 9/11 when the planes hit They are in the US military right now ( including my family) fighting for this country its a shame people want to use this even to blanket hate all muslims and treat this as a event organized by and approved by all muslims

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