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14 Signs Your Neighbors Are Up To Some Shady Sh**

Okay, the Byrde family is definitely up to something, but what the hell is it? Tune in to the hit new Netflix show Ozark to find out.

1. There are some unanswered questions about their past.

2. They don't exactly make a glowing first impression on the neighborhood.

3. In fact, most of the locals don't take a shine to them at all.

4. Even their kids have a tough time fitting in.

5. The neighbors who do like them are a bit...odd themselves.

6. Rather than go into their house, the movers dump all their shit on the front lawn.

7. They do bizarre stuff like buying a bunch of fish *right* before they go fishing.

8. Their idea of a neighborly gesture is throwing a dead possum at you.

9. They're a little too comfortable scrubbing blood stains off their dock.

10. Black SUVs just tail them around town.

11. Come to think of it, they really can't do anything without raising some kind of ruckus.

12. They get the occasional house call from the FBI.

13. That's even before dead bodies start to show up.

14. Oh, and of course there's the millions of dollars they have stashed in a drain pipe.

All images courtesy of Netflix.

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