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13 Times Jason Bateman And Laura Linney Were The Ultimate Power Couple

Being in a relationship means always having someone to confirm your alibi.

1. Their conflict-resolution style is direct AF.

2. Mutual love and respect is the hallmark of their communication.

3. They don't keep secrets from each other...

4. ...but they keep each other's secrets.

5. They present a unified front in public.

6. They support each other's career choices.

7. They always keep an eye out for each other.

8. They make sound, family-friendly investments.

9. They always make sure to get their stories straight.

10. They try to keep their partner out of their personal drama.

11. They help each other hide their weaknesses.

12. They remind each other to take a deep breath in moments of stress.

13. And they're always down to celebrate when the stress passes.

All images courtesy of Netflix

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