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The 17 Happiest Hotel People EVER

Why are people in hotel marketing photos always smiling? (via:

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Trust us, we here at get it more than most people, going on vacation is freakin awesome. Vacations are all about fun, relaxation, and the what happens here stays here vibe, and when you are on a vacay, it feels like nothing can get ya down. But some hotel websites go a little too far and market their properties by showing guests in absolutely euphoric (and unrealistic) states. To the point where we are pretty sure that that kind of happy can only be reached if you have been dabbling in some recreational, er, fun. And depending on the destination, maybe you have been. But still, when we are deciding where to stay for our winter getaway, we usually dont base it on how happy the guests on the website seem to be. Nonetheless, those photos can be pretty entertaining so we rounded up some of our favorites. Check em out!


12. The Things We Do for a Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Photo from the Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay website

“I know it feels funny being in a bathing suit in front of a green screen, honey, but the picture is going to be fabulous.” (Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, Jamaica)

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