18 Animals Who Got The Last Laugh

Don’t mess with these critters, they’re feeling bold. Don’t let the haters get you down! Check out My Big Fat Revenge - premiering September 3rd at 9/8c on Oxygen.

1. Little does this cheeky bird know - cats can fly, if they try hard enough.

2. Derek is clearly still angry at Stan for blowing off his birthday party invite.

3. "I'm not allowed on the couch, huh? FINE!! THEN YOU DON'T GET TO HAVE PRETTY THINGS ANYMORE!!"

4. Does anyone ever ask Shamu if she wants to spin around for your entertainment? No.

5. So what if she's afraid of water? Her human will help her show those smug fish who's boss.

6. "What did you say to me? Yeah. That's what I thought."

7. Touch Stuart's couch, and feel his unrelenting kitty wrath.

Go ahead. Try it.


9. "Don't sass me, tail. I won't stand for it."

10. Henry resents yard work. He also thinks that "yard work" means "attack the leaves."

11. "Guys. This pine cone is too big. LET'S TEACH IT A LESSON."

12. If Frank can't get on the dock, he's sure as heck gonna make sure no one else can enjoy the dock.

14. No brainer, here. Be nice to animals.

15. "You think you're so great, with your opposable thumbs. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE WINGS, DO YA?"

16. Another bloody massacre in the eternal conflict between Red Pandas and pumpkins.

17. "IMPOSTER!!!"

18. Don't ever expect to film a camel without their permission. They will seek swift revenge, and also demand compensation in the form of whatever snacks you might have in your car.

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