14 Awesomely Beautiful Pet Tribute Tattoos

What better way to show your love for your favorite animal than by getting a tattoo in their effigy? Check out these awesome tributes and see many more amazing tattoos on Best Ink every Wednesday at 10/9c on Oxygen.

1. An incredibly photo-realistic portrait of a Pitbull:

2. A friendly cat who seems to be looking lovingly at its owner:

3. A glorious Doberman tattoo framed regally:

4. A sweet kitty friend, forever immortalized on its owner’s shoulder:

5. A dubious bunny rabbit:

6. A little bewildered cat whose bright eyes were captured perfectly:

7. A stellar pup who shines bright like a diamond:

8. A gorgeous kitty playing with a ball of yarn:

9. A colorful bird patiently perched on its owner’s leg:

10. A flawless vintage take on an adorable French bulldog:

11. A hedgehog tattoo on someone who knows the creature is so hot right now and will always be:

12. A cute cocker spaniel:

13. A magical mystical tribute to this pup:

14. And a lovely Siamese, asking "please", naturally:

Got an awesome cat tattoo to show off? Submit your picture to the Best Ink Blog for a chance to be featured in a round up of the best cat ink ever!

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