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11 Things All Kids Love And All Parents Loathe

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2. ...and playing in your summer vegetable garden when the seedlings were just starting to pop up.

Michael Pettigrew / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

"It's OK, they'll come back from this."

3. Touching your phone after they just ate something that seems like it was only made of honey, molasses, and syrup.

6. Dark-colored popsicles that don't stand a chance on a hot summer day.

Bettina Baumgartner / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

"I wonder if all of it will ever actually wind up in his mouth?"

8. Taking the playroom apart rightttttttt after you’ve straightened it up...

Pavel Losevsky / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

"I'm not reorganizing this today, I'll tell ya that much."

9. ...and singing the same song on repeat until it’s seared in your brain, and you wish you had one of those things from Men in Black that erases your memory.

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