7 Things We Learned From Lorde’s Reddit AMA

Her mom buys her shampoo, she hates dentists, and Fight Club is one of her favorite movies.

Lorde did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Sunday night.

There were more than 8,000 comments. Here’s what we learned from her answers to Redditors’ questions.

1. The “Tennis Court” music video was originally supposed to be entirely different.

Lorde planned to use only snippets from this all-black shoot, but then she thought this version for the entire video was “a million times more compelling.”

2. She plans on performing at a major North American festival in 2014.

Though she didn’t provide any further context, she did release her 2014 touring schedule today. (Still no North American festivals listed there, but at least you can rest easy knowing she’ll be touring the U.S. for a while.)

3. She has a “weird obsession” with teeth and is scared of dentists.

But at least she seems to have healthy brushing habits.

5. She doesn’t regret entering the music industry so young.

Lorde, who was 16 when her hit “Royals” was released, seems pretty confident that being so young has helped, not hindered, her. She wrote she “can sit down with basically the most intimidating people in the industry and not flinch.”

6. Her favorite movies are Fight Club, Take Shelter, and the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

And her favorite books are “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” by Raymond Carver, “The Night in Question,” by Tobias Wolff, “Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned,” by Wells Tower, and “Battleborn,” by Claire Vaye Watkins.

7. She loves this cover of “Royals.”

Read the entire AMA here.

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