12 Reasons To Love Solange

The baby sister of Beyoncé released a new music video today — here’s a look at why you should be paying attention to the talented 27-year-old artist.

1. Her music video for “Lovers in the Parking Lot” was released today.

That dancing! Those colors!

2. She released a buzzworthy EP last year, “True.”

“Lovers in the Parking Lot” is from True, which is nearly impossible to listen to only once. NME gave it a score of 8 out of 10.

3. In fact, her entire discography is pretty enjoyable.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

4. She has amazing style.

You can find more pics on her blog.

5. She launched her own record label this year called Saint Records.

Solange writes on her blog, “Through Saint Records I will have 100% creative/artistic control & continue to passionately pursue my footing in this musical movement.” Visit the record label’s website here.

6. She also made a pretty amazing music video for “Losing You.”

7. The day Beyoncé performed in the Super Bowl halftime show, she tweeted this.

8. She starred in “Bring It On: All Or Nothing.”

9. And had this to say about it.

10. She’s an avid songwriter.

In addition to her own songs, Solange has co-written songs for Beyoncé, including “Upgrade U.”

11. She collaborated with The Lonely Island on the song “Semicolon.”

12. Even “The New York Times” comprehends her awesomeness.

The newspaper featured Solange in April 2012. “There’s always going to be a bit of mystery as to how two people who grew up in the same household have different interests,” she said about her sister in the article. “I’m younger than her, and even in five years, there’s a total gap in how you’re exposed to musical things and fashion and art.”

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