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    10 Stunning And Remote Places To Visit On Google Street View

    We all know how fun it is to explore Street View, but have you ever used it to visit the far ends of the Earth?

    1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    These are some of the first underwater panoramic images Google put online.

    2. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    3. Scott's Hut and Discovery Hut, Ross Island, Antarctica

    So this is pretty incredible — explore inside two huts built during Robert Falcon Scott-led expeditions more than 100 years ago.

    4. Half Moon Island, Antarctica

    And just south of South America, there are a few more views of Antarctica...

    5. Iqaluit, Canada

    Iqaluit has the lowest population of any capital city in Canada — this view is from a street literally named Road to Nowhere.

    6. Terceira Island, Portugal

    In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Terceira Island has some pretty stunning views.

    7. Chichi-jima Island, Japan

    More than 500 miles southeast of Tokyo, Chichi-jima has some pretty amazing island views, too.

    8. Cambridge Bay, Canada

    Cambridge Bay appears to be the northernmost area in North America to explore on Street View — above is the Old Stone Church.

    9. Midway Islands, USA

    You'll find tons of birds (and one very excited human, if you look closely) here, about 1,000 miles northwest of Hawaii.

    10. Svalbard, Norway