12 Consequences Of Not Reading Instructions

It’s okay, sometimes you can’t just wing it. Check out AMC’s new show, Owner’s Manual, on August 15th at 10 p.m. to watch some pros who don’t always need hand holding like us babies.

1. Casually painting on your eyebrows for a few months.

carleighgosselin / Via instagram.com

2. Ruining your only baking sheet that you know you will never replace.

Kelly Sue DeConnick / Via Flickr: 44124395312@N01

Sorry, genius wizards are the only ones who can make chocolate soufflés.

3. Everyone knows this wasn't your choice.

colwell_world / Via instagram.com

There are videos online that teach you things that you didn’t go to school for.

4. Your Form And Space professor would have given you a "B+" for this, but you can't sit on it.

cocodela / Via instagram.com

Chair assembling is for weenies, anyways.

5. You won't get used to that.

abbersgail / Via instagram.com


6. Looking like a fool in front of your little cousin.

Melissa Gutierrez / Via Flickr: oddharmonic

7. Fondue becoming chocolate pudding in an awkward vessel.

spida171 / Via instagram.com

8. Shredding your shorts instead of fading them with bleach.

chenichenchen / Via instagram.com

9. Turning your car into the danger mobile.

10. Ripping up your wall because silly you thought you had the skills to do this by yourself.

jmescissorhands / Via instagram.com

11. Creating something much scarier than you intended.

cythniaaaaa / Via instagram.com

12. Sitting on the side of the road, much longer than you'd like.

Steve Casimiro / Getty Images

Watch Owner’s Manual to see two guys who could probably change a tire with their eyes closed.

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