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11 Awkward Situations We Wish Came With An Instruction Manual

Most uncomfortable circumstances would be much easier if you just had some instructions. Unfortunately, you are all alone in this world to just mess everything up. Check out AMC's new show, Owner's Manual, August 15th at 10 p.m. to watch two guys who don't need anyone's help.

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1. When somebody waves at you, but they're actually waving at the person behind you.

Dru Kelly / Via Flickr: 68513587@N00

2. A kiss you weren't ready for.

3. Accidentally liking your ex’s new girlfriend's picture.

foodplot / Via

4. When you accidentally burp in someone's face.

RhettCandy / Via

5. When your phone rings during a silent, crowded lecture.

6. When you aren't catching on to a new handshake.


Bromance dreams? Obliterated.

7. When you accidentally clog someone’s toilet and there is a line of people waiting outside.

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8. Laughing too hard at an inside joke that you aren't in on.

dontbethatguyvids / Via

9. When your mother makes an embarrassing food alteration request to a waiter.

10. When you arrive too early to a theme party, and don't really know the host.

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11. Accidentally opening the door on someone in the bathroom.

Watch Owner's Manual for the shenanigans to continue.

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