10 Little Rules That Should Be In Everyone’s Life Manual

Most of us are guilty of breaking some of these. If life had an owner’s manual, these rules would definitely be in there. Watch what happens when one man lives by the book, and the other ignores it on AMC’s new show, Owner’s Manual, on August 15th at 10 p.m.

1. Don't leave delivery guys horrible tips.

catttie / Via instagram.com

Really? Too lazy to even count on your fingers?

2. Never "reply all" on a mass email.

lingaberry / Via instagram.com

There are four other buttons to click, you have options.

3. Put your phone away at dinner.

raiyofsunshine / Via instagram.com

And please stop photographing your food. No one cares about your perfect meal unless it is in their mouth.

4. Don't eat stinky leftovers in a crowded office

OMGmeiyu / Via youtube.com

Gross, gross, gross.

5. Don't post unattractive photos of your friends.

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

They sent it to you as a joke, not as an invitation for you to be a bad friend.

6. Don't attempt to cook a quesadilla at 4 a.m.

pragensismac / Via Flickr: 27432179@N06

You are not equipped for such an extraordinary task. Just order delivery.

7. If someone is far away, don’t hold the door for them.

LAHWF / Via youtube.com

You’re not being polite, you are just forcing them to break into a jog.

8. When you go to a small party, don’t bring 10 people that the host doesn’t know without asking.

9. Don't just text someone "hi."

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro

You just totally interrupted an extremely challenging game they were playing on their phone.

10. If you're sitting next to someone on a train listening to headphones, don't strike up a conversation.

AllThingsHarlem / Via youtube.com

That train ride might be the only “them” time they get all day.

Watch Owner's Manual to watch two guys battle it out.

Owner’s Manual / Via Facebook: ownersmanualamc

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