15 Ways To Get Through The Lack Of Game Of Thrones This Week

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Yes, that’s right. Episode 9 will not air until June 2.

2. Watch this preview for the next episode. 57 times.

3. Look at Emilia Clarke smiling for an hour.

4. Watch the previous 28 episodes back to back.

5. Find amusing ways to insult Jon Snow.

6. View this supercut of the swearing from Seasons 1 and 2 (NSFW).

7. Photoshop yourself into Game of Thrones.

8. Clean your underwear after watching Rory McCann’s Clegane audition.

9. Attempt to phoneticise Ygritte’s pronunciation of Jon Snow.

10. Spend the evening training your cat to do this.

11. Read the books from start to finish.

12. Find someone, anyone who would rather watch Lord of the Rings.

13. Pitch merchandise ideas to HBOShop.com.

14. Create your own House sigil.

15. Thank the Gods it’s not June 10 and a whole year before new episodes.

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