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15 "Overboard" GIFs That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Sucks At Being An Adult

TBH, not everyone is cut out to be an adult.

1. When your friends want you to go out on a weeknight.

2. When you were in school, no one cared if you showed up in PJs, but when you don't wash your hair for two days, your boss somehow notices.

3. When your metabolism starts to hate you, so you need to actually learn how to cook something other than noodles.

4. When you need to change the batteries in your fire alarm, but, like, seriously how do you even do that?

5. When you need to clean your apartment, but you can't even figure out how to empty the dust from your vacuum cleaner...

6. ...but hiring a cleaning person is also not an option.

7. When it's finally time to go to the dentist after putting it off for 3 years.

8. And for some reason you're expected to make your OWN doctor appointments!

9. When you finally get your paycheck and it all goes to your rent.

10. When you visit your parents and it's like living in the lap of luxury...

11. ...and you can't help but ask for a little help.

12. When your friends start having kids and you have to act NOT terrified of them.

13. And you have to actually act "mature" because you are a "role model" now.

14. When you accomplish even the TINIEST of adult tasks, you obviously have to celebrate...

15. ...but not too hard because you still have a million other adult-y things to do.

Images courtesy of Pantelion.

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